EDC is a colorless liquid with a mild odor. It is toxic and extremely flammable. EDC ethylene dichloride manufacturers is a good organic solvent but slightly soluble in water.


Parameter Unit Quantity
Molecular weight g/mol 98.96
Freezing point °C -35
Boiling point °C 83.5
Density g/cc 1.252
CAS number 107-06-2
IUPAC name 1,2-dichloroethane


Parameter Unit Quantity Test Method
Purity >wt % 99.9 min. HC-531
Acidity (as HCI) ppm, wt 2 max. HC-535
Water (1) ppm, wt 150 max. ASTM D-1364
Iron ppm, wt 1 max. HC 532A-7
Benzene ppm, wt 50 max. HC 531B-82
Low boilers ppm, wt 450 max. HC 531B-82
High boilers ppm, wt 450 max. HC 531B-82
Color APHA 10 max. ASTM D-1209
Boiling range °C 1.5°C, including 83.5°C ASTM D-1078
Appearance Visual clear VISUAL
Density at 15 °C 1.258 – 1.268 ASTM D-1217
Residue on evaporation ppm, wt 20 max. ASTM D-1353

Applications :

About 95% of the EDC production is converted to VCM for PVC production.
EDC is used as an organic solvent, as a fumigant, and in the chemical synthesis of various products.

Hazards and Safety

EDC is extremely flammable. Poisonous gases are produced when it burns. It is a reactive toxic liquid. Avoid inhalation of the vapors. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Parameter Unit Quantity
UN or ID NO. 1184

Storage and Handling

Storage containers should be tightly closed and labeled: “Hazardous Chemical”. Store away from alkali metals and ignition sources. Wear goggles, self-contained breathing apparatus and rubber over clothing.

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