28 Sep 2015




  • A light pale yellow liquid manufactured from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid.
  • Also known as Cashew Phenol.
  • The unique Molecular structure of Cardanol, especially unsaturation of long Hydrocarbon side chain, makes the cross linking easy on Polymerization.
  • Besides the side chain imparting hydrophobic nature to the polymer, its coating is water repellent and weather resistant.
  • Cardanol based resins posses an outstanding resistance to softening action of mineral oils and high resistance to acids & alkalies, antimicrobial property, termite and insect resistance etc.
  • Contributes to improved flexibility, good drying after baking, high electric insulation properties and thermal stability.
  • Amenability to chemical modification to effect desirable changes so as to get specific properties for making tailor-made polymers of high value, thus the structural changes could be effected at the hydroxyl group, on the aromatic ring and on the side chain.